About MiTek New Zealand Limited

MITEK®, LUMBERLOK® and BOWMAC® are clear brand leaders in their respective markets. Market leadership has been steadily built and carefully maintained over the last 40 years of supply to the New Zealand building industry through builder’s merchants and timber truss fabricators.  MiTek is a proud and committed New Zealand manufacturer specialising in the building components industry and is a subsidiary of MiTek USA, a Berkshire Hathaway Company.

We are continually streamlining building component design for improvements in timber truss and wall-frame design solutions and associated fixings with engineers, designers and construction companies.

MiTek Systems

MiTek Systems

The MiTek Truss System is based on MiTek design software and the GANG-NAIL® connector plate, a steel plate with multiple spikes or teeth projecting from one face. The connector plates are pressed into the timber using hydraulic or pneumatic presses. Timber components can be joined together with strength and ease to make trusses and other structural timber components.

The ease of installation and effectiveness as a timber connector make GANG-NAIL connector plates ideal for the prefabrication industry where speed and reliability are paramount. The name MiTek truss has become synonymous with quality prefabricated timber roof trusses.

MiTek New Zealand does not actually manufacture trusses.

We manufacture the steel connector plates that are supplied to a select national network of MiTek accredited truss fabricators who manufacture trusses to the MiTek specification.  Each of these companies has been chosen as a MiTek Fabricator for their high standards of management and their professionalism within the building components industry.

MiTek provides technical support for:-

  • The MiTek software package developed by MiTek and used by MiTek accredited fabricators to design, detail and cost trusses and wall-frames. The system also enables information to be directly downloaded to computer controlled saws and other fabricating equipment.
  • A structural design service for architects and designers specifying or using MiTek products.
  • Mechanical equipment for timber truss and wall-frame manufacture
MiTek trusses and wall-frames are available through  MiTek accredited fabricators.

LUMBERLOK Timber Connectors

LUMBERLOK Timber Connectors

The range of  LUMBERLOK Tylok Plates and Nailon connectors is used in the assembly of timber framing for both residential and commercial construction.

Most products in the LUMBERLOK range are site applied and comply with various requirements of the NZ Building Code.

Products are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel coil for internal situations, or can be hot dip galvanised after manufacture or, for harsh environments, manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

LUMBERLOK products are available through leading Builders Supply Merchants.

BOWMAC Structural Brackets

BOWMAC Structural Brackets

BOWMAC is the name on today's leading range of structural brackets. It's the brand specified by architects, engineers and supplied to builders throughout New Zealand and the Pacific region; the mark of quality in an industry where strength and performance are of the utmost importance.

BOWMAC brackets are produced from 304 stainless steel or structural steel, hot dip galvanised after manufacture using specialised press equipment and a robot welder for consistent weld integrity.

BOWMAC's ability to provide the right products for every requirement has given the brand a high profile and reputation within the building industry. BOWMAC also manufactures specific products to individual custom requirements.

BOWMAC products are distributed in New Zealand through leading Builders Supply Merchants.