EasySet Multi Head Jack Jig


This machine incorporates several features which provide an advantage over production of similar trusses using table presses or drop hammers.


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Fast and Efficient manufacture of hip and jack trusses

  • Small footprint for installation and set-up.
  • Camber adjusted on each press head.
  • Automated plate feed.
  • Retracting press head.


EasySet MultiHead JackJig

A specially designed jig is used incorporating a fixed bottom chord rail and top chord rail that is adjusted in a few seconds to the pitch and span of the truss.

This ensures that all trusses in a job are speedily setup up and retain the same shape.

Multiple C-frame press heads can be positioned as required anywhere along the jig rails enabling all nail plates at every panel point to be pressed simultaneously.

Operators are not required to handle nail plates during the truss setup and pressing processes.

Nail plate cartridges and feeding system are used to automatically position nail plates on the pres platens in readiness for the next press.

Physical Data
Standard configuration
Fixed base rail with three moving pressing stations with 6000mm of travel. Top chord rail pivots about one end of the base rail from 12 up to 35 degrees. Two pressing stations on top chord rail with 5.52m of travel.
Jig height
Setup time for truss
2-3 minutes (operator dependent).
Electrical Data
Gantry travelling frame
Trolley motor rating - 0.18kW. min.
Press Details
Hydraulic power pack motor - 7.5kW.

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