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Multi-purpose stationary press

  • Hydraulic regeneration valve reduces pressing time.
  • Adjustable pressure for different timber types.
  • Safe, compliant, two hand electrical operation.


2 FloJig

• Compatible with many different press head types and therefore can be readily integrated into an existing factory.
• Cheap - relative to table presses and multi-head systems.
• Robust and heavy design of the jig ensures consistent truss shapes and dimensions during set-up.
• Moving arms always remain square to bottom chord rail. The outer ends are on castors to facilitate quick and easy     movement.
• Simple - minimal operator training required for quick set-ups.
• Tapes on base and apex rails for quick and accurate setup.
• Adaptable - easily expandable to make bigger or more complex trusses.
• Low maintenance - routine inspection and cleaning only.
• Strong & robust - will last for a long period of time in a normal day to day truss plant environment.
• Suits large truss sizes - up to 4 metres apex height.
• Low rail height - for ease of operation and movement around jig.

Physical Data
Jig details
• Overall dimensions: length 12 or 16m, width 4363mm, rail height
312mm, flo-box height 475mm, total height 787mm.
Standard configurations
•12m bottom chord rail, 4m apex rail, 4 moving arms and 12 flo-boxes,
•16m bottom chord rail, 4m apex rail, 6 moving arms and 15 flo-boxes,
•16m bottom chord rail, 4m apex rail, 4 moving arms and 12 flo-boxes.
Moving arms
2 x 2.0m, 2 x 2.5m (12 box jig)
2 x 2.0m, 2. x 2.5m, 2 x 3.0m (15 box jig).
Flo-box sets
Set of 12 – 1 x apex, 2 x heel, 3 x splice, 6 x universal
Set of 15 – 1 x apex, 2 x heel, 4 x splice, 8 x universal.
• 2 measuring tapes mounted to the bottom chord rail.
• 1 measuring tape mounted to the fixed apex rail."
  • Portable nail trays for internal or extra joints.
  • Portal or Gantry press to press joints.
  • Bottom chord press.
  • Magnetic Flo-Jig option.
  • Pneumatic clamping of flo-box and moving arm positions.
  • Standard Flo-Jig base and apex rail extensions to suit customer's requirements.
  • Laser projection system for positioning of flo-boxes,timber and nail-plates.

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