Hydra Press


HydraPRESS is a state of the art truss assembly.


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Multiple press heads with a short set-up and quick pressing time

  • Computerised positioning of apex press head and bottom chord press head.
  • Easily positioned manual top chord press heads.
  • Automatic nail plate feeders.


HydraPress #1

The HydraPRESS is a state of the art truss assembly machine that combines the rapid pressing cycle of multihead presses, with the speed and ease of computer driven setup.
The HydraPRESS has been developed for short or long production runs and is capable of efficiently manufacturing many of the more complex truss shape for which conventional multi-head presses have not been considered suitable. As the press head positioning, timber stop, camber adjustment and plate location are all automatically positioned, the HydraPRESS can be efficient with production runs of little as 1 or 2 trusses.
The production cycle time is also improved compared with other multi heads, as the HydraPRESS incorporates nail plate placement. Typically, assembly cycle time for an A Type truss, including placing of timber and unloading finished truss, is 50 seconds and set up time 15 to 30 seconds. The flow of material to the press and the removal of finished trusses will determine the overall productivity of the machine.

Standard Jig dimensions
Length 15400mm, Width 5135mm, Height 1120mm.
Truss information
• Maximum span of truss: 14m.
• Maximum height of truss: 3880mm.
• Internal plates on trusses cannot be pressed.
• Minimum distance between pressing points is 550mm
• Fast set-up (15 - 30 seconds)
- Head positioning
- Head angulation
- Camber adjustment
- Plate feed.
• Clear working area.
• Walk-through design.
• Safety electronic light curtain.
• Movable operator console with interlocked controls, air and hydraulic lines contained within cat-track.
• Pneumatic timber clamps.
• Multiple press heads, all joints pressed simultaneously.
• Press heads not required may be isolated and set to one end of the jig.
• Very fast cycle time.
• Automatic nail plate feeders.
• Press heads retract following pressing allowing operators to easily lift the finished truss clear of the jig.
• Emergency stop button on each press head.
Electrical Data
Power requirements
3 Phase and neutral, 415 Volt, 30A.
Air requirements
850 kPa, 120 psi (minimum).
Press hydraulic power pack motor
11 kW.
Maximum operating pressure
165.5 bar (2400 PSI).

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