HydraLITE Press


Combining the flexibility of a manual machine, with the speed and ease of computer controlled.


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Multiple press heads with a short set-up and quick pressing time

  • Computerised positioning of apex press head and bottom chord press head.
  • Easily positioned manual top chord press heads.
  • Automatic nail plate feeders.



The HydraLITE is a cost effective computerised multi-head pres combining the flexibility of a manual machine, with the speed and ease of computer controlled set-up on centre apex and bottom chord press heads.
Developed for short or long production runs, the HydraLITE features an improved manufacturing capability over conventional multi-head presses due to improved set-up times.

Standard Jig dimensions
Length 15200mm, Width 5135mm, Height 1120mm
• Fast set-up Automated centre apex and bottom chord heads.
- Head positioning
- Head angulation (manual operation)
- Plate location (manual operation)
• Clear working area.
• Walk-through design.
• Movable operator console with interlocked controls,air and hydraulic lines contained within cat-track.
• Pneumatic timber clamps.
• Top chord heads manually positioned.
• Head movement may be reverted to manual control at the touch of a button.
• Camber - manual set up.
• Manufactures half trusses with ease.
• Multiple press heads, all joints pressed simultaneously.
• Press heads not required may be isolated and set to one end of the jig.
• Very fast cycle time.
• Automatic nail plate feeders.
• Press heads retract following pressing allowing operators to easily lift the finished truss clear of the jig.
• Accurate plate location.
Electrical Data
Power requirements
3 Phase and neutral, 415 Volt, 30A.
Air requirements
850 kPa, 120 psi (minimum).
Press hydraulic power pack motor
18 kW.
Maximum operating pressure
165.5 bar (2400 PSI).
  • Safety electronic light curtain.

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