Roof Tracker III


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  • Trackless operation with gantry head.
  • 24” Heavy-duty roller press.
  • Dual press head parking zones.
  • Extremely high load capacity.
  • Drive and pressure wheels carry head press.
  • Standard side eject lifters.
  • Operator platform and joystick contr.

Roof Tracker III Overview Video

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The RoofTracker III press is the latest in a long line of super productive trackless roller presses from MiTek. With years of experience, extensive testing, and the best design practices available to create this state-of-the-art roof truss machine. 
There are no floor rails to create a trip hazard. Instead, the RoofTracker III runs on beams mounted to the tables and its walk-through aisles provide clear access to the jigging area, and better ergonomics. Tables are 4.2m high, 2.3 wide and Wizard automated tooling ready. 
Overall, the RoofTracker III  is a safer and more efficient press than its predecessors. It has a larger working area and with parking space reduced by 30% there is better use of the assembly area. In addition, the gantry head is shorter so the Finish Roller can be positioned closer to the gantry head.

The RoofTracker III press has a 15-hp single-speed gear motor that provides a travel speed of 50m per minute, but it can stop the press within millimeters in case of emergency. Braking distance is monitored to ensure the press stops safely everytime. 
Standard electrical control designs include a fully integrated safety circuit with safety modules and redundant contacts for operator safety, complete compliance with the NEC and NEMA 4 enclosures.

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