Quality is more than making a good product

At MiTek a lot of effort is placed on achieving products that perform specifically for what they are designed for. 

The MiTek Standard

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Innovative Builder Products

Since 1955, MiTek products have been built on innovation and a tradition of building quality in everything we do.

MiTek Products for Fabricators
  • GangNail
  • PosiStrut
  • Flitch Beam
  • XPO Truss
  • GangLam
MiTek Products for Builders
  • LUMBERLOK®  Timber Connectors
  • BOWMAC®  Structural Brackets
  • BOWMAC®  Structural Fasteners
  • MITEK®  Fabricated Products
  • GIB®  Products

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Product quality is built into the idea to develop better building products for New Zealand

MiTek Engineering Manager

In Ling Ng