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GNQ Connector Plates


Reference Series:
GNQ Connector Plates

Installed by the truss fabricator, the GNQ is for general residential applications.

Refer below for Product Data and Installation.

The purpose of this manual is to enable house designers to draw truss layouts and to choose truss sizes for preliminary designs. It is the responsibility of accredited MiTek Fabricators to provide final design of the truss system with the use of computer aided design and selection charts.

MiTek New Zealand Limited manufactures and distributes connector plates and fixing systems to these accredited MiTek Fabricators throughout New Zealand. (See the Fabricator List)

Backup service is provided by MiTek New Zealand in the form of complete truss designs, computer systems, engineering and fabricator equipment.

This revised Residential Roof Truss System information incorporates the 'ATTIX' Attic Trusses.

Materials: 1.0mm G300 Z275 Steel

Finish: Zinc Coated

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  • By accredited MiTek Fabricators.

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